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Why I'm Running For Re-Election

I am running for re-election because I care about the direction of our City. South Jordan has experienced massive growth over the last few years.  We need council members that are sensitive to the beauty of green space and how it invites families and individuals to stay in South Jordan long term.  We need city leadership who collaborates with the residents and city staff to achieve what’s best for our city.  The question I will ask myself when confronted with an issue, “How will this affect our city both short and long term?”   My focus will be five-fold: 1) Seek balanced future city development, 2) Ensure our residents have proper public safety 3) Annexation to keep future development in our city limits, 4) Looking at ways to ensure flow of traffic during peak hours, and 5) Greater transparency, openness, and willingness to listen to input from constituents.  Browse my website, and I would love your input on the future of our city. 

Find out more about my top priorities

Find more of my top priorities here:

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